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With the advent of social media and smart phones, it has becomes easier than ever to view videos. The need for video has increased in recent years, no longer is it relegated to the “if the budget allows it” list.

In recent surveys, brides have said their number 1 regret is not booking a videographer for their wedding! Being able to listen back to the speeches in full and clear audio, or being able to play back your first dance on your phone creates emotions like no other. We put the exact same approach of creativity and expertise into capturing video on your big day as we do with photography.

We take our gear seriously too. We leave the DSLR cameras for the photographers, Scott and the team use cinema cameras with specific functions and abilities, to get your footage from yawn to yay! Don’t worry about the what if’s too - we have backups for our backups. Consider us a free floating media team, with a set plan for the day but never under your feet. You won’t even notice us most of the time, but believe us, we’ll be everywhere.

Past Weddings

Anna & Hoagy

On the last day of 2016, Anna and Hoagy tied the knot in the historic Pittville Pump Rooms in Cheltenham, UK. Sitting atop a public park with lakes and a golf course, the pump rooms were used to pump up heated spring water in days gone by.


Lorraine & Matthew

Lorraine and Matthew got married in a stunning church on the border of Wales, whilst the bridal prep was held at Lorraines family farm. A beautiful location to capture the essence of the British countryside.


Angela & James

Getting married by the same vicar in the same church as her other three sisters, Angela’s wedding followed family traditions. With manor By The Lake as the venue, gorgeous locations were sure.

Harriet & Andy

The wedding coordinator of one of our favourite venues, Harriet tied the knot in a beautiful local church, with a sunset stroll through the fields afterwards.



Take some time to see what kind of effort we put in to a wedding to make it next level special.

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