The FREE Wedding Guide

for the 15 must have wedding photographs.


Planning a wedding isn’t easy.

We’ve seen so many couples fret and worry over what their big day would turn out like. What if something goes wrong? What if the timing is off? We were compelled to create a handy guide to answer some of the most common questions, along with some super top tips and 15 of the must-have images throughout the day.

In this guide:

  • 86 Pages Of Tips, Tricks & Advice

  • Over 5,000 Words

  • An Example Wedding Day Timeline

  • How To Choose Your Photographer

  • Group Shot List Template

  • 100+ Inspiration Images

Downloading is free, and will go straight to your inbox. We’re not asking for payment, it’s all free! So enjoy your planning stages, and contact us if you need more advice for your wedding day photography.

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