Wedding Photo List UK

Every wedding season seems to change in style and appearance for us as wedding photographers. As we can see the styles emerge and recede throughout the years, I thought it would be a great idea to gather up some of our most often requested shots into a blog to help future brides out in selecting a great wedding photo list UK shot list. We've taken a selection of our favourite images from 2017 from the local Cheltenham area to help with this list.



The locations of weddings in 2017 stayed typically within country manors and estates, with the amount of countryside weddings backing away in comparison to 2016. Perhaps its the weather being more unpredictable or the fact that more and more estates are being transformed into stunning wedding venues. We can't see signs of the British regal manor wedding venue going away any time soon. This year alone we shot five weddings at Manor By The Lake in Cheltenham, to the point that we returned three times in a row every weekend. Picking a venue mid-week is the easiest way to secure a great venue and time of the year, whilst also saving yourself a good portion of your budget.



Bolder colours and tones were present this year, with deep blues and reads, alongside copper for metallic tones. I'd love to see this trend continue throughout 2018. The deep colours work so well against the rich green countryside we have here in the Cotswolds. The rings and jewellery this year seemed to have been of a simpler nature. There was a prominence on silver and platinum rather than traditional gold and diamond. I'd make sure your photographer has a specific camera lens to take great photos of your wedding bands.



Wedding cakes this year took on a simpler look with less icing than in past years. Different flavoured layers spoke for the cake, and we've seen chocolate orange flavoured tiers this year. Cheese cakes have also become popular as an evening snacking option. Do your research on cake makers, keep the flavours strong and the decorations simple. Your guests will be wowed by the unassuming cake pyramid!



There was a huge emphasis on swing bands this year. We saw all kinds of bands, six and even 8 piece brass bands at some weddings. Folk bands, funk and even rock bands showed up, but the swing band theme showed up more often than not. If you're looking for someone with some serious style and skill, Kim Cypher really brings the house down with her saxophone skills.