Capturing Pro Audio At Weddings

If you're booking a videographer for your special day, you need someone who knows how to capture wedding videography audio. On-camera microphones do a bad job at capturing clear audio. External equipment is needed to make sure every part of the speeches and ceremony are free of background noise. We will walk you through just one of the few setups that we employ at each wedding when filming. These behind the scenes shots are from a New Years Eve Wedding at the beautiful Pittville Pump Rooms in Cheltenham. For this wedding we were using a Canon C100 Mk II with 24-105mm f4 lens. The microphones are Tascam DR-10c.


Our video camera has external ports (pictured at the right hand end of the top handle) to take professional level audio microphones, such as the mic attached to the front in the furry covering.Whilst this is a great ability, we only use the on camera audio as a tool to sync up external microphones in editing. The on camera audio is so directional, anyone talking to the left or right won't be as loud as those in front. You are also subjected to any ambience and background noise near your subject.

Tascam DR-10c pocket microphones


These are our microphones of choice, called lapel mics, or lav mics. You would have seen these on TV shows for interviews and maybe on stage performances. A small clip attaches to a shirt collar and the mic positioned close to a speakers mouth. Background noise is effectively eliminated. The Tascam DR-10C is no larger than a matchbox and will record to the inbuilt storage. These units can run for hours at a time and are kept on the person who has been mic'ed up in a pocket or on a belt. All we need to do is sync this unit to our camera at the start of recording and we can get perfect audio for the subject. We use three of these units on various people throughout the wedding, including the officiant, groom and even father of the bride.


In post production, we can hop between the audio recordings of these little units to make sure that the person speaking has the lead in the wedding film. The units have two audio level tracks recording simultaneously, one louder than the other, meaning we can even get clean audio from the bride without micing her up, just by taking one of the audio streams from the groom.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to wedding videography audio. We'll upload another blog in the future detailing how we capture room noise, PA desks and live musicians.