Our Story So Far

It all started back in Cheltenham, about 2011. Jon had just finished Uni and started a job in the towns one and only printing lab, an affectionately green and yellow painted shop called Snappy Snaps. Through the small but thriving music scene in the town, Jon met Scott and became friends, bonding over rock music, camera gear and computer games. Through the next few years, Jon started shooting weddings as a side hustle for the printing lab, earning camera gear and experience in the process. In 2014, a wedding in Brighton called for two photographers to be present, so Scott was called in for help.

This wedding was our first together, helping each other out getting those extra shots and coverage for the happy couple. From there we put our heads together and devised a plan to start helping out more couples together. Scott had spent a year in Australia previously helping out on the independant film scene, creating shorts and assisting on film epics. It made perfect sense for Scott to choose to offer video alongside Jon’s photography. After a quick pop down to Bristol to pick up a camera, we were in business.

Fun fact; we chose the name Special Day Studios after trying to find a url that wasn’t taken on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest at the time. It made sense to have a different name to the business instead of our names, as Sparkman & Edwards sounds like we build yachts.

In the years that follow, we slowly progressed the business forwards, opening up the doors to new ideas and opportunities. We started to find our niche, as we were nearly always booked exclusively for outdoorsy, boho-chic style weddings. Now we work within the entirety of the Cotswolds area, serving adventurous couples with an aesthetic in mind.

We’re always speculated on those long car journeys between weddings what we’d like the business to look like in ten years - we would love to have a training program for University students to enrol in to learn how to become freelance creatives. We hope that through hard work and dedication, we can help the next generation of artists who may not get the breaks we made for ourselves.



Jon Sparkman


I’ve been making images and drawing since four, my mum still has a painting I made in 1995. There’s noting more special for me than going out with a camera in hand, seeing a location and two happy people, and creating something magical. Oddly, my personal photo projects are often dark and emotional - guess there’s balance!


  • Album: The Black Parade

  • Drink: Gin & Tonic

  • Holiday: Berlin

  • Food: Burritos

  • Brand: Billingham Bags

  • Animal: Cats (I have two Persians)

  • Camera: Nikon FM


Scott Edwards


Since I was young I have loved visual storytelling and its emotional impact. My first camera was a toilet-roll taped to a shoebox. Since then I’ve travelled the world honing my skills in the film industry. On summer days I love to go out down long country roads on my motorbike.


  • Album: Hook Original Soundtrack

  • Drink: White Russian

  • Holiday: Australia

  • Food: Sushi

  • Brand: Apple

  • Animal: Dogs

  • Camera: Canon C100 MkII